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Clean Up your stroke - DVD Tutorial by Swim Smooth downloads torrent
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Product Details:

Author(s): Swim Smooth

Category: Sport

Date: 2010

Pages: N/A

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0000000000

Format: ISO

Book Description:

Swim Smooth - Clean Up your Stroke The Essential Swim Stroke Correction Guide for Tri-athletes & Swimmers by Paul Newsome Demo by Bill Kirby Olympic Gold Medallist The Swim Smooth DVD Boxset "Clean-up Your Stroke!" is the superb swimming program specifically for triathletes and open water freestyle swimmers. Use the DVDs and included Training Program to help you improve your swimming technique and so SPEED and EFFICIENCY through the water. With our straightforward approach to stroke correction, we'll show you the underlying causes of your stroke issues and how to fix them. Don't paper over the cracks, get to the root of your stroke problems. 2 DVD converted into ISO Images. To watch without using virtual drive or burning DVD, Use WinZip/WinRar etc and VLC player. (VLC can play .vob files) DVD 1 - Stroke Technique Correction Swim Smooth prides itself on providing a totally comprehensive training package which gives you over 30 pool based drills, neatly divided into 7 specific areas of freestyle stroke technique: - Breathing - Head Position - Leg Kick - Body Roll - Arm Recovery - Hand Entry - Catch and Pull The first DVD features swimming and drill demonstrations by Sydney Olympic Gold Medallist, Bill Kirby OAM. Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome provides observation and instruction backed by the guidance and bio mechanical knowledge of Swim Smooth's physiotherapist, Michelle Smith. The first disc also contains many demonstrations of the common mistakes you should look out for within your own stroke technique. Using our straightforward 'Cause And Effect' approach to stroke correction, we'll show you the underlying cause of each stroke problem - it's often not obvious! Then we'll show you the best drills and visualisations to fix that underlying problem. DVD 2 - Open Water Swimming Technique The second DVD contains specific open water swimming drills and exercises to make sure you can transfer the improvements you've made in the pool into an open water race environment. Don't underestimate how important this is! Open Water A feature of the boxset is the comprehensive section on open water swimming. Find out how to perform at your very best in your next triathlon. Disk 2 is essential viewing for triathlon novices and experienced athletes alike. We explain in detail what equipment you need in open water and how to use it correctly. We interview and watch demonstrations by several top elite open water swimmers to understand race techniques and strategies for starts, turns, drafting, pacing, sighting and swim exits. Last but not least we explain changes you can make to your stroke technique to make it better suited for open water swimming. These will give your performances a further lift. Get these things right on your race day and you'll have a perfect race!

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GO Downloads Clean Up your stroke - DVD Tutorial by Swim Smooth

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